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Making a Donation

Not-For-Profit Arts organizations such as the Indianapolis Arts Chorale are largely dependent upon donations from our audience and supporters.  Ticket sales cover only a small part of the expenses incurred by any arts organization. The kindness of the organization’s supporters via financial support, allows organizations such as the Indianapolis Arts Chorale to continue to provide high quality musical entertainment as well as fund outreach efforts into under-served areas of our community. The Indianapolis Arts Chorale, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Funds donated to the Indianapolis Arts Chorale are tax deductible as guided by United States tax law.

Donate via PayPal

Donations made be made during any pre-concert reception, through any of our talented singers or IAC volunteers, as well as mailing directly to the organization at:

Indianapolis Arts Chorale
5500 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Founded in 1972, the Indianapolis Arts Chorale uplifts the human spirit for multiple generations of singers and audiences by building deep emotional connections through the art of choral singing. The Indianapolis Arts Chorale is a not‑for‑profit community of auditioned voices with a commitment to excellence and a passion for choral music and its future. These are its hallmarks and have been for over half a century.

Mission Statement

The Indianapolis Arts Chorale is a community of voices who engage our audiences through the art of choral singing. The primary purpose of the IAC is musical excellence in performance for the education, enjoyment, and cultural enrichment of our audiences and ourselves. The IAC also seeks to provide social and fellowship experiences to deepen and enrich our lives. Further, we identify as an organization of individuals, who are making a positive contribution to the entire community, without regard for race, creed, color, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical, or mental ability.